Where is nowhere, you would ask that. But Mairi knew the answer: nowhere could be anywhere you’d like to go…or wherever the train takes you.
“Sorry I’m late. So where are we going?” Liz asked.
“Nowhere,” Mairi answered briefly.
“And where exactly is nowhere?”
“Wherever the train takes us to.”
Then they boarded the train. The train ride was quite pleasant; while Mairi read a book she brought along with her, Liz just enjoyed the view. It really wasn’t so bad, it’s just that they really had to keep quiet. But being quiet wasn’t very hard to do ’cause they’re not a couple of noisy six-year-old children. After hours of dullness, they finally arrived.
“Where are we now?” Liz asked, now quite interested in the idea of random railway exploring.
“Look there…”
How was the train ride? I hope you enjoyed it, even though the story’s quite short, I’m sorry that I can’t make it any longer. Say, where would the train take them if they took the train from London? Please answer on the comments.



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