Warning: kissing part, though I’m sure the younger readers have seen a kissing scene in a movie before, right?
Lily. Such a beautiful flower. And such a beautiful name, too. This happened to be the name of the girl that Sean always seemed to think about every hour, every day.
Suddenly, Sean’s thoughts was taking him somewhere. He followed his thoughts that finally led him to the empty hall. And Lily was waiting there. Lily was shining bright against the darkness of the room.
Then his thought made him move closer towards her. And closer, and closer…until he was very close. His heart told him to get closer to hers. And he responded to his heart by…kissing Lily.
Suddenly, the time in the world stopped for a while. He felt this warmth embracing him, the light shining, as if he was kissing an angel…
Unfortunately, it was just a dream. But it was enough to make him sleep well, and you know what? When he woke up from his deep sleep, the first person he saw was…Lily.

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