It was a lovely afternoon; the sky was a warm, golden shade, a carpet of green grass was covering the meadow, and the air was warm and pleasant.
A black-haired girl named Lily was sitting next to a brown-haired girl named Priscilla. Lily spotted a butterfly sitting on Priscilla’s shoulder. Lily tried to catch it, but it flew away to her head. Then Priscilla tried to catch it, but it flew away – again! They ran around trying to catch the butterfly, but eventually, they were too tired to run and they fell on the grass while the butterfly kept on flying.
They lay on the grass, looking up and pointing clouds.
“Cilla, look, there’s a cat!”
“Lil, there’s your dream dress!”
“There’s a big diamond!”
“And a lily flower, too!”
“Cilla, is it funny how time flies? Sometimes it’s fast, sometimes it’s slow. And…”
“…it depends on whether you’re having a good time or not. Lily, you really know what to say. I wish this day could last…”
“…but time flies. I know how you feel.”
“But at least we can stay here till sunset.”
And that’s exactly what they did. And they will never forget the most wonderful childhood memory, for there are times we forget something, but we will never forget the best day ever.



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