Mystery of Winter Tower

“Mairi, have you heard about the ghost in room 100 Winter tower?”
“Yes, but how do you know? Everyone who had come there, none of them lived to tell the tale. They always fell from the tower, in the end.”
“Mary told me. Oh, and by the way, she really saw – I mean witnessed – the ghost, according to her.”
“But Liz, you remember the time she said she saw a mysterious lady in the rose garden. That lady does not even exist!”
“I still wanna go there, though. You coming?”
“OK, but if I don’t come back with my body, I’ll haunt you.”
Then they went to the room where the ghost was, waiting for another victim.
Well, I hate to tell you what happened there, but they made their way out of there, still in one piece. So, Mairi was wrong at first, but how could she not be the one thinking ’bout the ghost first? Where did her Scottish stubbornness go?



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