Suitcase Mishaps

First notice, this is a comedy story, and I’ve kept this in my archives for quite a long time. So, this means this story was meant to make you laugh. And in an unrelated info, the full story of Trainspotting is coming soon!
I come back to my room, expecting another mess Mafalda made. And I am right! What’s she doing with my suitcase?
“What are you doing with my suitcase?”
“Filling it with something, of course!”
“What’s inside it? It’s not my clothes, is it?”
“No, but it’s still a secret…”
Then, she throws it outside the house, and (I can’t see this) then I hear…a loud explosion, and…
“Mafalda, where’s my suitcase now?”
“Let’s just say it’s in your basement…”
“But I don’t have one…”
“Let’s just say you do now.”
* I: this story is told by a girl named Minerva. (Crazy, huh? Who would name their child that? Still, in my opinion, a beautiful name.)



5 Replies to “Suitcase Mishaps”

    1. It’s not entirely a secret, and I’ve told you that one, so why would it be a secret if I dared to tell you that story? And this one’s entirely finished, so I published it ‘cuz there’s no point in publishing an unfinished story.

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