Claire isn’t a loon!

Well, another comedy from my archives. This one’s a bit cruel if your name is Claire, but there’s the good girl who might save you and your name. Hint: “I” here would be Minerva, like the one from the Suitcase story. Enjoy!
“Time for another class, time for another bad thing to happen to me,” Lola says.
“Well, same for me,” Miri adds.
Then, Krissie comes along and she starts to tell those “jokes”.
“D’you know why Claire is a loon?” she asks.
“Don’t know,” Lola and Miri answer together.
“It’s clear,” Krissie explained, “because she is ‘Claire the Loon’!”
I, who have been listening very closely, come to them, and say, “What’s with Claire here?”
And then Krissie tells me, “You don’t understand, do you? ‘Claire the Loon’?”
“Yes, I do understand. Isn’t it supposed to be ‘clair de lune’?”
“And why is that, Minnie?”
“Don’t be so mean.”
*) “clair de lune” = French for “moonlight”



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