One spring miracle (part 2 )

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*You probably realized that I uploaded part 1. 3 times right,excuse me ! So part 2 will only be uploaded once so.. don’t worry ! ⊙~⊙
⊙-⊙ lol ! So again here comes part 2 ! Yay ! *

Serena :No,I am not ! After school we will go to my house and see what’s going on ok…

Lia and Lyri : Ok !! ⊙ v ⊙

“Teng,teng,teng” School bell

Serena,Lyri,Lia: Oh,no ! Let’s go !

“Dugg” Door Closes ( all by itself)

Ms.Cassandra: Attention Girls,we have a new student today !

Girls: Really ?!?!!

“Scriiitt” Door opens

Ms.Cassandra: Oh,there you are,Class this is our new classmate,Minerva !

Minerva: Hi… ^-^

Serena: Girls ! Make way for a new student!

Every Girl Student : Make Wave ! W-E-L-C-O-M-E  M-I-N-E-R-V-A

Serena: Sit there Minerva,next to Lia ! ⊙·⊙ ⊙-⊙

Minerva: Ok…. (looking at Serena’s name tag) Serena !…

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