One Spring Miracle

This is from Lia. I love her stories and this one of the best stories she’s ever written.

liakochii's Blog

One spring night, the wide blew and right on the window bed a girl named Serena was sleeping yet wishing for something…. So when she opened her eyes, she found a place full of fantasy and giant butterflies. So she pinched herself and realized she isn’t waking up , so she opened the window and the curtains. Her wish came true !. She came close to the wardrobe and she opened it… beutiful clean uniforms and a tiara to fit with it ! She went downstairs,and went in the bathroom to bath,went upstairs to her room and put some clothes on her with the tiara of course! So she said by to her parents and went outside to walk to school though she didn’t need to walk,suddenly a pink limo apeared , so she went in it and drank some lemonade and she arrived to school ! When Tera and…

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