Ann’s Little Book, in which Mairead was brought to life

Ann walked into a beautiful garden. There were many kinds of flowers there. But something caught her eye. The roses, they were red, but there’s something different.
I’m here, a voice said.
Ann was terrified. It sounded like Mairead, the girl that she once despised. The time when they talked about “the untimely death of the girl who saved us all”, they were right. Somehow, her heart was moved. But, an. encounter with a ghost, it felt crazy. Like she shouldn’t be there. Well, she thought, it couldn’t get crazier.
“Ann,” Mairead said, “I want to remember that this is me, the one that you now loved. But death is unpredictable. That’s what you need to know. But then, you don’t need to feel that it’s too late to like me.”
“Okay,” Ann said, “but I want you back into this life.”
Then, something happened. It was like a miracle. There was a bright light from inside Mairead, and she … was back to life!
“Thanks for your wish. The only way I could be back in this world was by the power of change, and you did it. Your thoughts about me had changed since my death, and it made you wish that I was back.”
So it was a miracle. And Ann learned not to judge people. She barely knew Mairead well, and she was just looking at the surface of her personality.


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