The Chosen Owl

The dark of the night covered the sky. Stars were shining bright. All the creatures of the forest were fast asleep. All except for the owls. In fact, they had been awake since dusk.
A spotted owl flew on its way to a tree. It carried a letter from a far-away place. After a long flight, it reached its destination. Then, the owl left the letter there.
“Marion, you’ve got a letter,” a screech-owl said.
Then, another screech opened the letter. It said:
Dear Marion,
You are selected for training in Twilight Tree. We’ll send someone to take you there, this evening.

Marion was stunned. Twilight Tree, as in Twilight Tree, Midnight Forest? It’d be the worst thing ever, being taken to the worst place for screeches, she thought. Another screech then came over to her.
“I’ve heard that you’ve got a letter from an owl from the Twilight Tree. Is that true?”The other screech asked.
“It is true, Brigit,” Marion replied, “and do you know what that means?”
“That you are to be taken to hell? But I don’t think it’s really hell, since I’ve heard of screeches that are just fine there. So don’t you worry, you’ll be fine.”
But Marion couldn’t stop worrying about the whole letter thing. She couldn’t sleep well in the day, and she was a bit weary that evening, when the owl from the Tree came. Then, Marion felt this weird feeling; she felt happy because she would be having more experiences outside the nest, but on the same time, she felt worried because owls of Twilight Tree never really accepted screech-owls and this is because of the war between the owls of Midnight Forest and the owls of the White Forest, and the latter had more screeches than the other side, so the owls of Midnight thought that screeches are bad. (So Midnight had been war-torn.)
“Where’s Marion?” a spotted owl asked. The owl was the same one that had sent the letter in the middle of the night.
“Here,” Marion exclaimed. “Who are you, and why are you here?”
“I’m Siobhan, an owl from the Twilight Tree. I’m here to take you there. Did you notice that I wrote your letter?”
“Yes, I certainly noticed that. So how far is the Tree from here?”
“Quite far from here, for an owlet like you,” Siobhan said, in a quite underestimating way, “It depends on the owl’s flight ability. Can you fly?”
“Well, I can,” Marion replied, “but I’m not very good yet. Maybe we could take a break in the middle of the trip.”
“No can do, dear owl,” Siobhan said, “They’re expecting us at dawn. I think this would be easy for you, since you can fly.”
“Why is it so important to know whether I could fly or not?”
“Because if you couldn’t fly, I’ll have to carry you all the way, and I think that would be an exhausting work. Can we go now?”
“Wait a minute.”
Marion said goodbye to Brigit and her parents, and then she and Siobhan began flying for Twilight Tree.


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