One Spring Miracle Part.3

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*Back with Part 3 with me ! I will give a few more © Thistles&Roses Again ! I & Thistles&Roses are doing a collab for posts so yeah and wait for our incoming collaboration blog full of mixed up stories! See the Real Fantasy only at our incoming collab blog ! Note:Stories from One spring miracle starting from part 2 are inspired by Thistles&Roses Blog so yeah all credits goes to her © Thistles&Roses*

Limosine Driver:Come in already Princess Serena !

Serena: I’ll explain when you get to my house!

Lyri:Go Mr.Todd ,go !

“Bhrum,bhrum,bhrum”The car …. flies?

Girls:Ahh ! Weee! Ahh!Weee! Ahh!

Mr.Todd: We are here Princess Serena

Serena:I think it’s a few more blocks,sir

Mr.Todd: This is your Castle …

Serena: Oh really ! Cool !

“Scriit” Door opens .

Lyri:Cool! Let’s just go upstairs already!


“Tek,tik,tak”Foot steps

Lyri: Your room it’s ,it’s AMAZING !!!!


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