A spirit and three nights, part one

It’s New Year’s Eve, and you can tell how excited people are these days. That sort of excitement right after Christmas is over. I’m not that thrilled, though. I’ll just be staying home watching fireworks from my room. Not as fascinating as watching them outside, but close enough.

Someone’s knocking the door. Oh dear, why would anyone want to bother me at this time? I open the door, and I find my brother Rory standing there.

‘What is it?’ I ask.

‘There’s something strange going on in my room,’ he tells me, ‘something I don’t know.’

‘How did it happen?’

‘There was a strange light coming from the mirror. I don’t know what it is, but let’s go!’ He drags me to his room, and when we get there, nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. ‘But it was right here!’ he cried. ‘Don’t worry,’ I tell him, ‘that’s just your imagination. I once saw those things.’ And with that, I leave his room, and go back to sleep.

Everything is white. Is this the end of the world? Then a light shines right in front of me. As the light fades, a figure appeared – the spirit of a young girl, or maybe an angel. The only thing she says is: ‘stay strong.’ Then she disappears, out of my sight.


The only thing I remember waking up is that I saw an angel in my dreams. I get dressed and go downstairs to the dining room, only to find the table empty. This is strange, as I usually find breakfast on the table at this particular time of day. Then the sound of footsteps starts to make me nervous. And just when I start to think that there might be a mysterious creature, I hear a familiar sound:

‘Hey Shivers, what’re you doing so early in the morning?’

‘Nothing, Kieran. I just happen to be wide awake at this time.’

‘Alright then, I’ll go back upstairs…’

‘Wait a sec,’ I stop him, then I request, ‘can you wake Rory up, please? I want to talk to him.’

‘OK, I’ll wake him up for you. By the way, what do you need to talk about?’

‘About last night’s events. I saw an angel in my dreams, and she appeared from a light that’s similar to the one he saw,’ I explain to him.

When I look back, he’s not there anymore. How did he do that? While waiting, I open my diary. All I write is:

I saw an angel in my dream, and Rory saw a light from his mirror. Something strange is happening,

And when I finish, Kieran is already downstairs with Rory next to him. ‘There you go,’ he says.

‘Come here, Rory,’ I call, ‘what exactly did you see last night?’

‘A light from the mirror. Why?

‘Look,’ I explain, ‘I saw a spirit in my dream, appearing from a bright light like the one you see.’

‘And what does that mean?’

‘Maybe a coincidence, or maybe … a miracle.”


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