Thistles and Roses, part one

Emma Mackay was thinking. Thinking about the answer to the questions on the examination papers, the results she would get, every thought anyone could think of at once.

Time went on. By the time the bell rang, she had done all the questions on the papers. Then, the teacher, Miss Lakehill, stood up and walked around the classroom, collecting the papers from the students. Emma reluctantly gave the papers to Miss Lakehill, still worried about the results she was going to get.

‘One, two, three, one, two, three…’

Inside the dance class, the new dance teacher, Kelly Abbott, was teaching her first class. This was her very first time teaching, as she danced to entertain others in the past.

After the first class (and first teaching experience), it was break time. Kelly walked to the teacher’s room, looking overwhelmingly exhausted. Who knew teaching could be this hard!

‘Don’t underestimate this job. Even though your previous job was very hard, this one’s just as hard,’ another teacher, Skye MacLeod, told Kelly. ‘I didn’t underestimate, it’s just…I thought children are easy work,’ Kelly replied.

Kelly went to the dance-costume store, with the hopes that the special edition “Thistles & Thorns” shoes were still available.

‘What can I do for you?’

‘Is the special edition shoes still available?’

‘I think so, but I’ll check first.’

Then she was back with the shoes. They were silver-coloured, with a thistle print on the left shoe and a rose print on the right shoe.

‘This is the last pair. I hope this is the right size.’

‘It doesn’t really fit on me, but I’m planning to keep these in the storage. I work in a dance school, so this would be useful and won’t go to waste.’

‘All right then, just take it. I won’t give you any price for the shoes.’

‘Thank you, thank you.’

‘You’re ever so welcome.’

So, Kelly took the shoes back home with her.


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