Letters to Amina, part one

First day of summer. How can I forget? Especially when Mum and Dad told me about the plans we have for the summer holidays.

“Amina! We have good news for you!” shouted my mother.


My father then replied, “We’ve decided where we’re going to this summer!”


“We’re going to London!”

Oh no, I thought. My mother, who happened to notice the ‘oh no’ expression on my face, asked if there was something wrong.

“No, I’m fine, Mum, don’t worry.”

I was informed by my little sister that we’re going tomorrow. Well, I don’t know why, but at least there’s a delay of one day to prepare all the stuff I’ll need. Maybe I’ll have to bring a book to entertain myself.

I’ve always thought of London as a dull-and-dreary place, maybe only one side of the city and not the other. But some say you’ll get some inspiration to write a story there. That’s always a good thing for a young writer like me, if I have time for writing there, that is, which I don’t think I’ll have.

I take a look at my desk. Mum bought it from an antique shop, so it has that classic charm. I once found a particular name, Anne Langley – must be the previous owner – engraved on one side of it. On the desk, there’s a pen, a red book – my diary, and a few letters. I still write to my friends, you know.

I carve my name under Anne Langley’s, with my name carved vertically, sharing the same A with Langley’s first name. It’s a sign of possession, it means I’m the second owner of this lovely desk. Such a beautiful reminder. I even carve my signature on another side of the desk!

It’s afternoon, and now I’m packing things to bring. Clothes? Check. Little Red Book? Check. That should do, I guess. The rest I can buy in London. And by the time I finish, it’s already time for dinner.

How was dinner, you ask? Well, it was one of the best dinners, apart from the fact that that was the last dinner in this small house. My feeling was, and now still, sort of between joyed and a little bit down. Joyed because I’m gonna experience a new place and down because I’m gonna leave my friends and more familiar faces, and this small but beautiful house. Don’t worry Amina, it’s just for the whole summer.