Siobhan the mirror reflection, part one

Well, it’s not unusual for me to do short stories, but this is the intro of a much longer story. And, unrelated info, I’m sorry about Trainspotting, I wanted to finish it first before I publish it, but it is an unusually long story for me to write.

I sometimes wish I could be two at once. But all it takes to be two is a mirror. Do you know anyone who talk to their reflections? Well, I’m one of them, but not like other people who address their reflections by their own names so they are simply talking to themselves, I don’t call her by my name. I call her Siobhan.

You might want to know me before I go to a mirror to see her. So, I’ll tell you more.
I am Sinead, a normal twelve-year-old girl. I have loving parents, a younger sister, and admirers whom I don’t know. The only thing I don’t have is a best friend. I have friends, but I feel that we’re not close enough to be best friends. I mean, it’s like we don’t trust each other enough to keep even the smallest secret.
Well, since I don’t want to talk about my troubles to my family (I’ve tried and they got nothing), I guess I’ll just have to keep my troubles to myself. But every now and then, I feel the need of someone that I can talk to. So I make one up.
I’ve decided that she has to look like a real person, and then I think about one thing…my reflection. Then, I look at my reflection in the mirror. I remember, usually when people talk to their reflections in a mirror, they are talking to themselves. But I want to feel like I’m talking to a real person, so I call her Siobhan.

It’s been days, no, weeks since I made a new friend, which is my own mirror reflection, Siobhan. Now I’m used to talking to a mirror, to the point where I have to bring a pocket mirror everywhere (at least I can see her head). And people would say that I only care about my looks, I’m vain, and so on. They know nothing about her.
I’m back from school, and the first thing I do is…see Siobhan. I have a large mirror (not that large, but not as small as dresser mirrors) in my room.
“Hi Siobhan…oh my, your hair is a mess, can I tidy it up for you?”
I wait, but she doesn’t say anything. I guess I just comb my hair and untangled the mess, that helps too.
“Thanks,” she says, after I combed my hair. I’m stunned. Did she just talk? A half of me believes that that was her, but my other half thinks I’m just hearing things. But I just say, “you’re welcome.” And all of a sudden, I feel the presence of a real person. As if I’m talking to one. But still, it’s her. I try to start a small talk with her.
“So, how was the night in the mirror?”
“Quite an adventure,” she answers, “made it into the Black Forest, thanks to Aisling. How was your day? I doubt that you brought a pocket mirror.”
“Crazy. Ciara tried to get Aiden, again. But again, she failed. Sean and Liam had to stand up in front of the class. Caitlin won the art performance, again!”
“Wow, what a day! But I wish you could go with me.”
“Well, I do like adventures, but.…. I can’t go into a mirror.”
“Actually, you can.”
Upon hearing that, I try to get my hand into the mirror…and it works! I pull my hand out again, and I can! But, she reaches my hand and pulls me inside the mirror.

“What? A sword fight against Ryan? You’re crazy!”
“Exactly. Now, this is part one of the training. If you can defeat him, you can defeat the creatures along the way. Except the spirits, of course. Well, let’s get this started!”
I’m nervous. He must be a real expert, and I, on the other hand, know nothing about practical sword fights.
And it all begins.
Sword clashes heard throughout the room. I feel that I’m going to lose. Ryan’s moves are dance-like and sometimes unpredictable. But just when I thought I will lose, Ryan does this crazy move and…drops his weapon! Then I just finish him up, and victory!

“That was fantastic! How did you do that?”
“Just attack him when he’s at his weakest.”
“By the way, second training’s tomorrow. And there’s no way you’re going back through the mirror. That’s just like giving up, and you’ll have to start from scratch.”
“Then where do I stay?”
It’s just a small cottage in the woods, like the one in Sleeping Beauty. No, more interesting, with its wall covered in vines. There’s a carved flower on the door. A doorbell is hung next to the door, and there’s a sign that says: DON’T KNOCK, PLEASE RING. But before I can describe more of the cottage exterior, Siobhan drags me to the cottage.