stormier than the black sea

PicsArt_04-22-12.02.23Trabzon, 1991. Meryem Kavaklı had meant to come back home, yet she got evicted from her flat after four years. And her husband? He had to move to Istanbul, but he left his house there for her and her child-to-be, owned, no rent whatsoever. The least he could do to pay for his absence – not that he seemed to care anyway.

Twenty years later. Ayşe Kavaklı lives with her reckless mother and Fatma, her sister, the sane one, the only one she’s got after Emine, the unruly one, went missing. But when the she looks for her the whole family find out things they could do without…

A prequel featuring five scenes from Stormier than the Black Sea is available on Wattpad. Read it here.