on the series swindling smirnoff

Aha. So I’ve turned my back on Hanife.

But not exactly.

I’m starting a new series on this blog. After so damn long, I’ve finally come back to my little writing nest here. And here’s why I need to.

Firstly, I think it’s more suited for this little blog. I don’t think this series will be suited for Wattpad or FictionPress because I’ve planned one chapter to be shorter than the standard for the former yet longer than the standard for the latter.

Secondly, everyone’s bound to come back home eventually. This is my first writing nest online – early readers might remember this blog as its former self Thistles & Roses. I want to give my readers here a new story.

So I’ve only got two reasons. But it’s OK. Now let’s get to the details of the upcoming series.

The [working] title: Swindling Smirnoff. (Not that one, of course, if you know what I mean.)

The story: [mini spoiler alert over here] Luciana Roberts gets to be interviewed by a notable journalist a month after her mystery book is published. From there, they start making friends with each other. One day, she gets involved in a chase to find the one who tricked him into buying a fake locket.

The genre: pretty much goes into adventure, with all the thrills and stuff, yet includes a bit of other things.

The characters: can’t tell now, but there are two main ones.

So that’s it, guys 🙂 #comingsoon

With love,
Naz 🙂

Update: I haven’t got around to writing even a single chapter for this one – apparently it’s hard to plan a complete plot! But I’ve been doing another project (30000+ words as of early December 2016) and I will probably put a writing progress bar widget somewhere in the site…